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About Professora Bia


Beatriz Viana Rosa– Professora Bia was born on the 26th February 1974 in Sao Paulo - Brazil. Starting Capoeira in 1998 at Ginga Brasil’s group where her teacher Mestre Adelmo Pereira Lima, was a contra-mestre. Professora Bia was working in IT after earning a degree in Data Processing and post-graduate degree in Project and Systems Analyses. She spent almost 10 years working in the IT industry and it was the reason why she moved to England; so she could learn English, which was very important for her IT work in Brazil.


When Mestre Adelmo decided to create his own group, Origens do Brasil, Professora Bia followed Mestre Adelmo, her teacher and friend just as she still does today. Since her first year in Capoeira, she has attended a huge amount of Capoeira events; workshops and gradings. These have been influential in not only her development as a teacher and Capoeirista, but in getting to know so many renowned people in the Capoeira Community and to be recognised by the Capoeira Community herself in return.


Of course life had other plans for our teacher’s future. Professora Bia moved to the UK in 2000 and joined a English School, where she was studying for 4 years, from beginner level up to LCCI (London Chamber and Commerce Industry). Of course she was still training and working hard on her Capoeira, but there were no classes in the area (and county). So with Mestre Adelmo’s blessings she accepted the challenge and responsibility to settle the group in the UK in 2002, originally in Bournemouth, the home of Origens Do Brasil UK.

Mestre Adelmo’s careful supervision and Professora Bia’s hard work lead to the Capoeira classes becoming more and more popular and her UK part of the group was (and is) always growing. After many years of hard work, dedication and commitment, Professora Bia is responsible for pioneering the growth of Capoeira in Dorset and then in Hampshire and Wiltshire.





Professora Bia’s major concern is to keep the culture and roots of Capoeira alive and healthy. In order to do it she teaches all aspects of Capoeira, not just the fancy movements but also the music, instruments, history and above all respect, discipline and humility.

“I believe that Capoeira can change us for better in many ways, I believe that Capoeira chooses people and not the other way around, therefore, those who are chosen must pass it on with passion, love and responsibility for the culture and people” Prof. Bia.

Professora Bia teaches as Mestre Adelmo taught her, that Capoeira is not just movements or acrobatics. It is an integration of mind, body and soul as one in every aspect of Capoeira, by working on everything; not just our physical strength.




“Think of Capoeira as a game of chess, you must be clever, think quickly four, five or as many moves ahead as you can” Prof. Bia.

Currently Professora Bia teaches workshops in schools for children of all ages and the demand for her workshops abroad are increasing. This is due to her professionalism, commitment and her energy.


The past few years she has also been working with children with different disabilities, teaching them Capoeira in a way which, while adapted to their abilities, allows them to safely push their boundaries via both learning new ways of moving and participating in creating Capoeira music via playing instruments and singing.



“To teach Capoeira is a gift, which I could not have if I was still working in IT, I have the privilege of meeting people from different cultures and backgrounds. It is a process of learning continually, everyday a new lesson, I teach and learn at the same time. The satisfaction and happiness is definitely a two way road. This is “Capoeira without limits” Prof. Bia.









Origens do Brasil Capoeira



“A árvore quando é boa, dá bons frutos” - “A good tree will bear good fruits”
In December of 2007, during a event organised by Origens do Brasil in Sao Paulo – Brazil Professora Bia, was handed her Purple belt by Mestre Adelmo, officially conferring on her  the rank and responsibility of the grade of Professora (Professor).


Origens do Brasil CapoeiraOrigens do Brasil Capoeira



“It was definitely one of the most emotional days of my life in Capoeira, Mestre Adelmo put all his trust, hopes and dreams “around my waist”. As a good disciple my duty is to carry on Mestre’s philosophy and not to let the art die, at least for those whom I am teaching” Prof. Bia