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How to Join Us



All the steps below were carefully studied and created to guarantee your safety and health during your time training with us. Our main concern is your physical, mental and emotional development, to guarantee you can have enough fun in a very safe environment.


To join our classes, please print the form by simply clicking on the button below. Complete the application form and bring with you to the class. It is necessary to have Adobe Reader in order to open the file. Origens do Brasil


This form requires Adobe Reader – available for free download here: Adobe Reader



If you can not print the form, one will be provided to you in class.


IMPORTANT: If you are under 16 years old, your parent/guardian must be present at your first class to sign it.








Release of Liability, Assumption of Risk:


You will be given another document to read and sign which is very important for you to enrol in our Capoeira group. This document explains all the risks, rights and obligations of you “student” and us “teachers/organisation”.




- £   5.00 Pay as you go for the 1st class
- £   8.00 Pay as you go for all classes after the 1st
- £ 35.00 For 5 consecutive classes paid in advance
- £ 60.00 For 10 consecutive classes paid in advance

Kids under 12 years old
- £   5.00 Pay as you go for the 1st class
- £   6.00 Pay as you go for all classes after the 1st
- £ 25.00 For 5 consecutive classes paid in advance






In Capoeira, like in any other martial arts, there is a specific uniform, a white trouser called Abada. We do not ask students to get the uniform for the 1st month of training. However after 4 weeks it is necessary to acquire a pair. Each Capoeira group has their own Abada with their logo in it. This is very important and is part of the discipline in our group.



Personal Hygiene:


There is nothing more unpleasant than to train indoors under expired deodorant or feet odour, so please before you come to class, please certify that:

-  Your nails are clean and short

-  Your clothes are clean and your abada is white

-  Your hair is also in a clean condition

-  You had have shower before class

-  Your trainers are clean enough to be taken off in front of your class mates



Already a Capoeirista?


If you are currently training in another group and wish to visit us, you are very welcome to do so. However, we would like to ask you to contact your teacher/master to make them aware about your visit. Please send us an email in advance saying when you will be visiting us and introducing yourself.


Also we do not allow students in our classes to train without a t-shirt, or during the rodas, any attempt to do so will be taken as an offense and you will be asked to leave the class/roda.

If you intend to train with us more than once, for instance, few weeks or months, all the rules above, on the beginning of this page, will apply to you.


We hope you enjoy Capoeira as much as we do and have fun when visiting us!!!