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How to Join Us

Ajitu Capoeira Professora Bia

To join our classes, simply fill the correct form which you can download below, and bring it with you on your first visit.
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Adults Form Children Form



All students, adults and children, will be required to pay an annual fee
in order to be insured for member-to-member liability


All new students, adult and children, can try the first class for just £5.00.
All subsequent classes are charged per month (adults) or per term (children)


In Capoeira, just like in any other martial art, there is a specific uniform made up
of a pair of trousers (abada) and a t-shirt bearing our group logo.
Students who have been training for more than 4 weeks will be invited to purchase the uniform,
which states belonging and commitment to the group, and makes part of group discipline

Personal hygiene

To guarantee a pleasant training session for everyone and to avoid injuries, please ensure that:

  • Your finger and toe nails are clean and short
  • You are not wearing jewelry or watches (prescription glasses permitted at own risk)
  • Your clothes are clean and your abada is white
  • Your hair is clean and doesn’t cover your eyes
  • You have taken care of any unpleasant feet or bodily odour
  • You are wearing appropriate sport underwear

Any instance of indecent attire or inappropriate / offensive behaviour may result in being expelled
from our group without appeal and no refunds given.

Already a Capoeirista?

If you are currently training with another group and wish to visit us, you are
welcome to do so by sending us a message beforehand.
It is important that you also inform your teacher about your visit

We hope you will enjoy your Capoeira class and have fun with us!